The Original Speedbag was born with the need to create the Professional Speed bag Platform par Excellence.
 Our Passion for the Art of Speed Bag and boxing has led us to combine our technical knowledge with the millenary Italian experience of carpentry. We may be extremely fortunate that our platforms are built by Master Carpenter Mr. Lorenzo Bianchi, who makes available to us his culture of over 40 years in the carpentry of fine furniture. Exactly. Because we consider our platforms as precious furniture, without forgetting the quality that a sport equipment must have. But the process also requires experience in choosing the right wood, and also a careful selection of the solid wood boards that will be used for the construction phase. Our brackets are specially designed to stabilize the vibrations coming from the drum, for the maximum strength.

We dedicate a lot of time to the constant search for quality materials at the best possible and accessible price not only for gyms and physiotherapeutic centers, but for everyone who needs the best speed bag platform in the Market. We make sure that our drums respect not only the highest criteria, but also the beauty of the naturalness, the imperfection and the flavor of the typical tradition of natural wood.

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