What are Speed Bag Platforms made of

What are Speed Bag Platforms made of

A speed bag platform can be made of a variety of materials such as solid wood, steel, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), coated wood, and scrap wood too. However, there is nothing better than solid wood. Having an high quality equipment is necessary to enhance your training with the speed bag, widely used for boxing or intense cardio training sessions.

But as you may understand, lower the quality, worse is the performance you can get from it. Indeed, many of the boxing champions around the world use only solid wood speed bag platforms made of first-rate wood.

Professionals and boxing experts do not opt anymore for mass distribution products, boxing gyms too are starting to understand the importance to have a quality stand instead of low-grade platforms. But how to choose them and which are the real advantages from buying one?

How to choose the better material for a Speed Bag Platform

First of all, let’s start saying that the best performance can be found only in wood boards. Other materials, although of medium-high quality, can only decrease the performance level, negatively impacting the whole training process.

More precisely, a work out session can reach its best only when using a first-rate solid wood speed bag platform. And the reason is that quality is light-years over the others.

For instance, MDF, compressed wood, and poor-grade wood such as coated wood and plywood not only degrade faster over time, but also make noisy and annoying sounds, failing to ensure the expected training performance. Moreover, vibrations and lack of stability compromise the training session, leading to more and more frustration.

The Original Speedbag is an Italian brand specialized on the production of speed bag platforms made of fine quality solid wood. More and more professionals are choosing us to get the best from their training. And we are delighted to confirm that all of them are widely satisfied with it.

But why is a solid wood stand so important and which features allow it to be best performing?

Why is solid wood better for a Speed Bag Platform

Solid wood is renowned for its properties related to:

  • Hardness;
  • Stillness;
  • Thickness;

A great speed bag platform cannot transcend these features. After all, these kinds of trainings are quite intensive and can lead to degradation and signs of wear pretty soon if the material doesn’t comply with certain specificities. For this reason, solid wood boards are the most suitable to achieve the best quality.

In particular way, a solid wood speed bag platform presents a unique sharp sound that varies depending on the thickness and the humidity’s level of the wood used in the production process.

Likewise, it grants absolute stability which allows experts to fully enjoy training sessions with no need to adjust or check for whether the platform moved or not. Moreover, the stillness of the speed bag stand confers a peculiar and extraordinary capacity in preventing vibrations. The thicker the board, the better the performance. Also, the high-quality punching bag’s bounce is impressive, standing out from the other products on the market.

Another big point is its resistance to shocks and impacts. How many times has occurred that a platform broke apart or didn’t survive long to high-intensity exercise? Well, now you have a solution to this problem, and it is The Original Speedbag platform.

Speed Bag Platforms solid wood types

When selecting a solid wood for a speed bag platform is important to answer first to this question: what do I need my speed bag platform for? If the answer is competition training, intense boxing work out or lasting trainings, then you should opt for some of the following wood types:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry-wood
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Chestnut

These are wood’s types classified as hardwoods. And every one of them has certain characteristics that contribute to rend the platform more stable, less loud, and best-performing.

Italian Walnut, for instance, is one of the hardest woods in Europe and due to its scarcity today, can become pretty expensive. Its grains are renowned for the great variety also in colours. And the dark brown aspect is appreciated also to make style furniture.

At the same level, Cherrywood, Oak and Chestnut can be as hard as a stone, and can make your gym the most envied of the place.

Finding a perfect compromise among these features is not easy at all. There is a long and in-depth selection process brought about to choose the best first-rate wood boards. And every speed bag platform has its own development. But we can help you find the best solution for your platform.


Finally, to achieve real progress and experience the best boxing or cardio training sessions there is no other choice than order a solid wood speed bag platform from a trustworthy and experienced craftsman. The Original Speedbag allows you to build your own speed bag board the way you like the most. You can choose the type of wood, the diameter, the thickness, and many other features. If you want to make it even more unique you can also choose to have your logo/name hand-engraved or stencil painted on the drum. So doing, you will get the best handmade product on the market and the highest quality solid wood speed bag platform of the world.

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