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Are you looking for a professional solid wood speed bag platform, but you fill only surrounded by low-quality and junk equipment? 

This is the right place for you! 

The market today is full of poor-grade speed bag platforms. Thus, speed bag aficionados needed a new solution: an alternative to mass-distribution boxing equipment.

After years of studies and experimentation, we have come up with an innovative and top-quality speed bag platform concept. 

Now they are the best speed bag platforms on sale worldwide. And we make them with fine European solid wood. 

Try now our platforms, customize them and chose dimensions, wood type, and thickness. Now is your chance to take your boxing training to a higher level. Make it the way you want!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does a speed bag need a platform?

When it comes to mount a speed bag in your house or in a gym you will need a fixed support that can cushion the blows and resist to punches. The best solution to it is a speed bag platform. Also known as speedball platform, this is a boxing station, preferably made of wood, that can withstand intensive boxing training sessions


How thick should a speed bag platform be

Speed bag platforms should be enough thick to absorb and cushion several hits and fast punches. The thicker the platform, the better the resistance and the stability. Indeed, The Original Speedbag offers professional products in solid wood with a thickness of 4", 5" or 6" inches. Moreover, you can customize it and create your own special speed bag platform.


Is a speed bag a good workout

Speed bag training is a must-do-activity for whoever loves boxing or martial arts. It helps improving your control, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, and refines your eye coordination. Likewise, it allows you to master boxing speed skills indispensable for your sport growth


Why do boxers hit the speed bag?

Punching a speed bag is a primary boxing move that boosts your coordination, accuracy, and mostly your speed. It is used by professionals and boxers in general to train tricepts, shoulders and speed punching resistance. Moreover, hitting the speed bag can better your aerobic skills and is helpful to release stress.


What wood is used for a speed bag platform

You can find speed bag platforms made of any material. But the best material used to make boxing stations is surely solid wood. More precisely: Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, and Chestnut. Heavy, resistant, and long-lasting materials only. We use Italian and European solid woods and You can order one on our web site and get a customized speed bag platform now


What are speed bag platforms made of?

The Original Speedbag makes Speed bag platforms made of fine solid wood, seasoned more than 3 years, and with only first choice European and Italian woods. On sale you can find speedball platforms made of iron, low-quality wood or the like, but so doing, you won't have a real boxing platform. Get to a higher level and try the best speed bag platforms on sale worldwide


Does a speed bag make you faster?

All the greatest boxing champions used and still use the speed bag to better off their speed and accuracy in punching. The speed bag indeed is one of the best training to refine your hits and get faster.


The Original Speedbag

The Original Speedbag