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The King | Speed Bag Platform

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The Rook | Speed Bag Platform

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Are you looking for a professional solid wood speed bag platform, but you feel only surrounded by low-quality and junk equipment? Then this is the right place for you! 

Undoubtedly the market today is full of poor-grade speed bag platforms. Thus, speed bag aficionados needed a new solution: an alternative to mass-distribution boxing equipment.

For this reason, after years of studies, research and also experimentations, we have come up with an innovative and top-quality speed bag platform concept.

Now they are the best speed bag platforms on sale worldwide. This is also thank to our high quality materials as we craft them with fine European solid wood

Try now our platforms, customize them and choose dimensions, wood type, thickness and many others, such as a special hand-engraving or stencil paint job. Finally is your chance to take your boxing training to a higher level. So make it the way you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Speed Bag Platform?

The Speed Bag Platform is a gym equipment that can be extremely efficient in different types of training. You can use speed bags in any moment of your training and, unlike heavy bags, even outside your schedule.
With lot of practice and dedication, exercising at the speed bag can make you enhance your abilities without the need for other complementary activities.

Moreover, speed bag platforms generally take less space compared to most equipments, since they’re mounted high on the wall. They can be installed in any room of the house, always ready to use.

Why should I choose The Original Speedbag?

The Original Speedbag platforms differ from others on the market for various reasons.
First of all, we personally select our material exclusively from durable and high-quality solid wood boards. This allows us to craft speed bag platforms of a majestic and elegant appearance that will accompany you for a lifetime.
This excellence, combined with constant study, research, and our specific manufacturing processes, results in unparalleled and everlasting performance. This guarantee all the stability a platform needs to completely vibration absorbing and sound quality.

Furthermore, our speed bag platforms are 100% Made in Italy, meticulously crafted using traditional Italian carpentry techniques. The Original Speedbag platforms, in addition to being an excellent boxing equipments, are a prime example of a perfect combination of craftsmanship and aesthetic.

You can choose to place them anywhere you want: in your gym, home gym, garage, basement, porch, hallway, or even your living room. You will also receive a certificate attesting to the authenticity of your speed bag platform.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now.

Can the right Speed Bag Platform make a difference?

You can find lots of different platforms on the market, but we at The Original Speedbag believe that, for an excellent speed bag training, it is fundamental for a platform to have optimal vibration absorption and sound quality. In fact, a shaky and noisy station can really make the quality of your bagging session suffer.

In order to meet these criteria, you won’t just need a stable support and an efficient mounting system, but also high-quality materials, in terms of density, for the drum. As a matter of fact, the right material ensures an excellent bag rebound, absorbing the vibrations at every hit. Board thickness is another important factor that influences the stability of the platform. The thicker a platform is and the cleaner and softer the sound will be.

The Original Speedbag has always been committed to respect these quality standards, selecting the best solid woods and offering first-rate stations designed to be rock-solid.

What are Speed Bag Platforms made of?

The Original Speedbag offers high-quality Speed Bag Platforms made from first-choice European and Italian woodseasoned for a minimum of 3 years. This process ensures exceptional hardness and durability to your drum for unmatched performances.

There are platforms available on the market which are made with iron or low-quality wood. But such materials cannot compare to the authenticity and functionality of a true boxing platform.

Take your training to the next level and experience the best Speed Bag Platforms available worldwide.

How thick should a Speed Bag Platform be?

Speed bag platforms should be thick enough to effectively absorb and cushion multiple hits and fast punches.
A thicker platform, along with the right material, ensures better resistance and stability than a thinner one. In fact, The Original Speedbag offers professional products made of solid wood, with a thickness from 2 inches up to 6 inches (and even greater thicknesses upon request).
Thanks to our top-quality materials and our specific working processes, we guarantee excellent performance and stability with all the thicknesses we offer, even for the lowest.

If you want to, you can choose the size you prefer to create your own custom Speed Bag Platform.

Can I mount your brackets on a stud wall?

Yes, you can. Many of our customers have mounted our platforms on wall studs and they always hold perfectly.

Our Bracket LITE North America has a distance of 16 inches (40,6 cm) from hole to hole, in accordance with the standards of most stud walls in North America. It has been designed to offer excellent mechanical strength and stability.

Request it now with your customized platform or choose it as an option with a platform in our catalog.

The Original Speedbag

The Original Speedbag