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The Queen | Speed Bag Platform


Worldwide Free Shipping | Ready to ship in 40 working days

We define Her as the professional speed bag platform for excellence, able to guarantee top quality performance for a lifetime.

The European Cherry Wood (Prunus avium) is a very precious and resistant wood, known for its excellent features and high moisture resistance. Its magnificent shade of color and its irregular and unique veins make it one of the most wonderful woods of our area.

But it is not a masterpiece only from an aesthetic point of view: what makes it perfect for a speed bag platform is definetely its hardness that makes it able to offer a magnificient sound and bounce, bringing your boxing training to the next level.

The soundproof bracket guarantees absolute stability, eliminating any unwanted vibrations and producing a magnificent sound that further enhances the overall experience.

Solidity, stability and elegance

The Queen!


Please Note:

  • We ship only by DHL International. You will receive your platform in 3-5 days (worldwide) from the date of shipping – provided with tracking code and ad hoc packaging.
  • If you don’t know which bag to choose for your platform, click here to check our bag size guide.
  • If your shipping address is located in North America you will be provided with our Standard Bracket, designed with a distance of 16 inches from hole to hole in order to be compatible with wall studs.
  • We will hand-engrave the date of production on your platform besides our branded mark and, if you wish, even your name (with the order confirmation email we will ask you your preference)
  • We guarantee that in 40 working days your platform will be ready for shipping. Our productions are unique and tailored to each of our customers; during this period of time, we will be selecting the wood specifically for your speed bag board and then starting the production of the individual piece, which will be taken care of and treated with extreme care in all its stages. It is possible that your platform could be completed and shipped before the 40 working days we require and we will never take more than that.


The Queen Speed Bag Platform

Top-quality and solid wood speed bag platform: The Queen

  • Made of first-quality European Cherry Solid Wood (Prunus avium)
  • 9 years seasoned wood
  • Diameter*: 24″
  • Thickness*: 6”
  • Weight*: 60 lbs (only the drum)
  • Paint: Natural glossy spray paint, but only after the wood was insulated and dried 48h, for a long-lasting life
  • Steel professional Speed Bag Swivel as a gift
  • Soundproof tubular Frame colour: Matt Black
  • Certificate of Authenticity with Serial Number
  • Small engraving on the top of the board with the date of production, serial number and if you wish even your name
  • Handmade – 100% Made in Italy
  • Lifetime Warranty


*Since our platforms are completely handmade, weight and dimensions should be considered approximate

Please Note: The images in the catalog are render for illustrative purposes. Each of our speed bag platforms is unique and even more beautiful in reality. Click here to see some photos of our platforms from our customers.

You will be contacted within 24 hours from the purchase with a further confirmation email to request additional information regarding your speed bag platform. Our staff will assist you from the purchase to installing your platform and post-sale assistance.

The Original Speedbag

Additional information


60 lbs

Cherry Solid Wood

First quality European Cherry Wood


Tubular Frame, Spray painted Matt Black

Bracket Model

Bracket LITE North America, Bracket LITE Standard

Inside the Package

– Solid wood speed bag platform
– Soundproof tubular bracket
– Professional speed bag swivel as a gift (wood screws included)
– Anchor bolts
– Washers for the drum
– Wood screws for your swivel
– Ratchet wrench for mounting
– Spirit level for mounting
– User manual