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Speed Bag Platform The Original 

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The professional speed bag platform for everyone. This speedball platform is made of European ash wood, less rare but no less fine, it has a good mechanical resistance that perfectly fits the quality criteria of an excellent speed bag platform at a lower price but without compromising its performance.

Ash wood is widely used to make high-stress sports equipment such as baseball bats and ski poles. This is why we use to make the speedball platform this way. The wood station is then painted with a classic light walnut colour.

Every product is made of fine solid wood and the speed bag platform thickness varies based on the boxing training use.

Elegant, solid and performing




The Original Speed Bag Platform

Speed bag platform dimensions:

Top-quality and solid wood speed bag platform: The Original

  • Made of first-quality European Ash Solid Wood
  • 3 years seasoned wood
  • Diameter: 24″
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 58 lbs (only the drum)
  • Paint: Natural glossy spray with a light walnut colour tip
  • Steel professional Speed Bag Swivel
  • Sandblasted tubular Frame colour: Matt Black
  • Unique with Serial Number
  • Handmade – 100% Made in Italy

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The Original Speedbag

Additional information


58 lbs

Ash Solid Wood

European Ash Wood


Tubular Frame, Spray painted Matt Black

Inside the Package

– Solid wood speed bag platform
– Soundproof tubular bracket
– Professional speed bag swivel (wood screws included)
– Anchor bolts
– Washers for the drum
– Wood screws for your swivel
– Ratchet wrench for mounting
– Magnetic level for mounting
– User manual