Make it your way

The Original Speedbag makes handmade and quality solid wood speed bag platforms according to your needs. Beyond the standard models, custom fabrication, tailored to the customer’s needs, are available upon request. 

Make your speed bag platform the way you want! Make it your way and choose diameter, thickness, wood’s type and more. We will create your personalized concept speed bag platform.

You can fill the module below or send us an e-mail to get your own professional and customized Speed Bag Platform. Select the Diameter, and thus how thick you would like it to be. 

But most importantly, Select the Wood’s type you’d prefer for your boxing station. Afterwards, WE will personally select the adequate Solid Wood Board that we will use to make your Speedball Platform

For further information or any doubt about our Speed Bag platforms feel free to contact us and we’ll meet all your queries.

What are you waiting for? Boxing champions are already choosing us, get your own too and be part of the community!

Customize your Speed bag platform now!