The ultimate speed bag guide

Not sure how to choose the best speed bag platform and which speed bag size is compatible with your The Original Speedbag platform?
Check out our ultimate guide and learn which bag sizes to choose for different platform diameters:

Speed Bag Size Guide

How to choose the best speed bag

How to choose the correct speed bag size

We believe that one of the requirements for an optimal bagging session is to correctly choose your speed bag. In order to guarantee the best performance it is important for this choice to be made accordingly to the diameter of your speed bag drum.

Indeed, if a bag is bigger than the maximum compatibility it might have an incorrect and irregular bounce that could compromise your boxing training session. And, when the point of impact of the speed ball is too close to the edge of the rebound surface, the speed bag drum may tend to absorb less vibrations.

For these reasons, we decided to present you with the informations about the maximum and optimal dimensions for your speed bag, in relation to each board diameter. This will help you choose the most suitable bag for your platform needs.

For a speed ball platform with a diameter of 20″, it is possible to choose up to a 9” x 6“ speed bag size. However, for an ideal stylistic choice, we recommend opting for a smaller size.

The 24″ speed ball platform is very versatile and allows you to use various models optimally, such as the standard 9” x 6”, but also smaller or larger speed bag sizes, up to 11” x 8”.

While on a 30″ platform, it is possible to use speed bags available in stores of almost all sizes, although we always suggest choosing a size smaller than the maximum, even if it is not mandatory.

Choosing the Type of Wood 

We at The Original Speedbag offer a selection of solid wood that is the result of careful research for the best long-lasting hardwood. The result is a range of the best woods to respect The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standards for an excellent boxing equipment for your gym, home gym, your garage and even on the outside.

After a few years of working together, we have started a collaboration with a sawmill of our trust. Located in the province of Brescia in Northern Italy, it’s ran by young and enterprising guys just like us. This collaboration allows us to access boards with very special costs and thicknesses that are unique on the market in order to offer top quality speed bag platforms at highly competitive prices.

Let’s take a closer look at the Solid Woods in our range, from the most economical to our top of the line:

How to choose the best Speed Bag Platform wood

05. Beech
Beech is the best compromise between quality and price. It’s light-colored and has a simple and linear grain, ideal for interior environments. Its impact, torsion and wear resistance makes it an interesting wood from a mechanical point of view.
04. European Ash
Ash is another light-colored wood that is very resistant but flexible. In fact, it is often used to make sport equipment that requires great mechanical strength. With its regular veins it is a fine and linear wood
customize your speed bag platform - oak
03. European Oak
Let's move on to European Oak, a versatile wood, very hard and particularly durable. Its irregular veins with its characteristic streaks make it a wood with a high aesthetic value.
customize your speed bag platform - cherry
02. European Cherry
Cherry is a very recognizable wood: it has a dark color with shades that strongly tend towards red and with irregular and curvilinear veins. It has a remarkable resistance to humidity and it's often used for high-end furniture.
customize your speed bag platform - walnut
01. Italian Walnut
The finest wood in our range. Thanks to our collaboration with the sawmill we can offer it at one of the most competitive prices on the market. Walnut is a dark wood, with very visible, articulated and unique veins. The strength, hardness and stability of this wood make it the top choice for your striking bag training.

Varnishing Our Boards

Our varnishing guarantees the best resistance to the rebound surface, in order to fully protect it against the multiple hits of the speed bag for years to come.

Varnishing a speed bag platform is fundamental to make it resistant and long-lasting.
We use multiple highly durable varnish coats to protect the wood from woodworms, external agents, moisture, dust and more.

Varnishing does not only protect the wood, but it also brings out its natural colour, making it more alive. After that we carefully apply the varnish, the speed bag board looks almost glazed, giving off a beautiful shiny look to the finish.
In this way, the varnish ensures that each platform is protected and long-lasting, while it maximize the natural beauty of the solid wood.

We use a particularly strong type of glue, selected in order to put the wood strips firmly together like a welding. This guarantees an extreme resistance and a perfect rebounce to the speed bag.

How to choose the best speed bag platform

Our Brackets for your Speed Bag Platform

Our Speed Bag Brackets are designed to guarantee the best stability and vibration absorption, for a truly magnificent sound!

The mechanical stability of the structure, made of high-quality iron, has been achieved by studying the best positioning of anchor bolts, ensuring the most complete absorption of vibrations from the drum from both a physical and mechanical point of view.

Your bracket will be coated with a resistant matte black varnish that will protect it, also giving an elegant touch. Our speed bag brackets are manufactured by a specialized company in our Province and it’s subjected to The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standars to ensure maximum stability.

If you have a different design idea or require a distinct type of anchoring system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll review your situation and develop a customized solution tailored to your needs.

How to choose the best speed bag platform

Bracket Standard

Our Bracket Standard is especially designed with a distance of 16 inches* from hole to hole in order to be compatible with North American wall studs

In this way you can easily mount your station with a bracket that will ensure the maximum stability of your speed bag platform.


Custom Bracket

Alternatively, if you have specific requirements and would like a custom speed bag bracket tailored to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team is committed to working closely with you to design and create the perfect solution that meets your exact specifications.

Please Note

*The 16 inches distance from the holes only applies for 24 inches diameter speed bag platforms.

Usually, with our speed bag platforms, we provide the Bracket Standard model. However, if you prefer a custom design, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Choose your Swivel

With our platform, you have the option to choose between a Standard Professional Speed Bag Swivel or a Special Swivel from The Thrasher House, a company with which we collaborate located in Texas. These special swivels for the Speed Bag Bible Style are made of high-performance polyurethane resin, with a core ball and a paracord T-hook, making them the best speed bag swivel available on the market.


Standard Professional Speed Bag Swivel for Boxing


EVO 14 by The Thrasher House

Inside the Package

Here is a list of all the components that you will find inside the pallet box that you will receive with your Speed Bag Platform.
You’ll just have to receive it, assemble it and finally enjoy your striking bag sessions!

The product
Speed Bag Platform
Sound-Proof Bracket
Speed Bag Swivel
Anchor bolts (Bracket to Drum)
Screws for your swivel
Ratchet Wrench
Certificate of Authenticity

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