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The Original Speedbag makes handmade and quality speed bag platforms in solid wood according to your needs. But that’s not all: you can also choose the features of your speed bag platform requesting a custom one that is tailored to your demands.

So, make your speed bag platform the way you want!

Firstly, you can choose diameter, thickness, type of wood and more, and we will create your customized speed bag platform.
You can also choose to have your logo/name hand-engraved on the drum to make it even more unique.

Fill out the module below, or otherwise send us an e-mail to get your own professional and customized speed bag platform.
Furthermore, feel free to contact us for any information or clarification about our speed ball, and we’ll meet all your requests.

So what are you waiting for? Boxing champions are already choosing us! Get your own speed bag platform and join our family!

Customize your Speed Bag Platform Now!

If you want a different type of hardwood, select "other" and enter your suggestion in the OTHER REQUESTS box (ex. Chestnut, Mahogany, Elm, Olive, ecc...)
Please read our "Ultimate Speedbag Platform Guide" page to know what's the best choice for your needs
If you decide not to request the swivel because you already have one, you can let us know what model of swivel you have so we can make suitable pre-holes. Please read our "Ultimate Speedbag Platform Guide" page to know what's the best swivel for you.
Please note: if you request a customization the production time will be slightly longer. You can specify the details of your customization in the OTHER REQUESTS box, for example "I would like "BOXING" to be hand-engraved." After this step, we will contact you to decide together the design and size to showcase your name on your custom platform.
The data will be processed in compliance with the privacy legislation pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679. You will be contacted within 24h from the time your request is processed.

What if I have a low ceiling?

If you are concerned about the height of your ceiling and its suitability for installing a speed bag platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will ask you for the specific details about the location where you intend to place your platform and, using that information, we will work to find the best possible solution for your specific situation.

How you can choose the Type of Wood

We at The Original Speedbag offer a selection of solid wood that is the result of careful research for the best long-lasting hardwood. The result is a range of the best woods to respect The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standards for an excellent boxing equipment for your gym, home gym, your garage and also on the outside.

After a few years of working together, we have started a collaboration with a sawmill of our trust. Located in the province of Brescia in Northern Italy, it’s ran by young and enterprising guys just like us. This collaboration allows us to access boards with very special costs and also thicknesses that are unique on the market in order to offer top quality speed bag platforms at highly competitive prices.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Solid Woods in our range

05. Beech
Beech is undoubtedly the best compromise between quality and price. It’s light-colored and has also a simple and linear grain, ideal for interior environments. Its impact, torsion and wear resistance makes it surely an interesting wood from a mechanical point of view.
04. European Ash
Ash is another light-colored wood that is very resistant but flexible, in fact it is often used to make sport equipment that requires great mechanical strength. With its regular veins it is also a fine and linear wood.
customize your speed bag platform - oak
03. European Oak
Let's move on to European Oak, a versatile wood, very hard and particularly durable. Its irregular veins with their characteristic streaks make it a wood with a paricularly high aesthetic value.
customize your speed bag platform - cherry
02. European Cherry
Cherry is a very recognizable wood: it has a dark color with shades that strongly tend towards red and with irregular and also curvilinear veins. It has a remarkable resistance to humidity and it's also often used for high-end furniture.
customize your speed bag platform - walnut
01. Italian Walnut
The finest wood in our range. Thanks to our collaboration with the sawmill we can offer it at one of the most competitive prices on the market. Walnut is a dark wood, with very visible, articulated and unique veins. The strength, hardness and stability of this wood make it surely the top choice for your strinking bag training.

Moreover, if you are interested in a different type of wood that is not in our selection, please feel free to suggest the one you would like to see for your speed bag. Of course, we will let you know promptly, based on its availability in the sawmill, and we will contact you soon with your quote.

Please note that the availability of certain woods at certain times of the year is not regular and depends on many factors of external cause, such as the weather or also the market trend.

customize your speed bag platform - wooden boards
customize your speed bag platform - wood 2
customize your speed bag platform - wood 1

Customization Service

Make your boxing training even more distinctive! The Original Speedbag also offers you the possibility to add your name or your logo on the surface of your speed bag platform.

In detail, this customization can be done through hand engraving. This way you won’t just have a top-quality speed bag platform but you’ll have also a unique piece with your own signature on it

So choose how to customize your speed bag platform now. We will make your name immortal and your workout will become even more enjoyable and motivating. It will be surely amazing to see your name shining on the board during training.

We are so proud to offer you high-quality service in which we take care of every single detail to best meet your needs.

Alternatively, if you want to suggest other ideas, of course don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you to create a truly original piece that will surely make your gym or fitness centre one-of-a-kind.

customize your speed bag platform - spray painting
customize your speed bag platform - spray paint logo

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