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Why our speed bag platforms are the best choice

speedball platform vibration test

Our Speed Ball Station DO NOT Vibrate

By choosing The Original Speedbag, you are sure to get maximum stability with 100% of vibration absorption.

We only use high-quality solid woods, carefully selected for their hardness and density.

Each wood strip is chosen and positioned to better consolidate the strips together and counteract its internal movements. But there is more, it allows to further increase the absorption properties of the speed bag drum.

The highly resistant varnish we use enhances the wood’s protection and durability, reducing the risk of wear, cracks, and splits that may cause unwanted vibrations.

Each model undergoes The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standards to ensure the very best performance.
Our speed bag stations are completely designed to be firm as a rock, from the selection and processing of the solid wood to our speed bag brackets.

Choose the quality and stability guaranteed by our speed bag platforms!

The Best Sound & Bounce

The Original Speedbag Team provides you with a selection of 5 carefully chosen solid woods for high-quality products at a competitive price. We have identified the best solid woods in terms of density and hardness for the production of a speed bag drum, ensuring an excellent bag rebound.

The board thickness also is an important factor that influences the way the station absorbs vibrations. The thicker the platform, the cleaner and softer the sound.
Thanks to meticulous processes like the calibration phase, our speed bag boards have a completely smooth and levelled surface for an uncompromising experience.

In addition, the level of moisture in the wood is a crucial factor for sound quality, so we only select woods with a specific moisture percentage to ensure a musical and harmonious sound as a result.

best sound speed bag platform
best speedball platform woods

Wood and Raw Material Selection

When making a speed bag board in solid wood, the choice of material is of primary importance. We guarantee maximum attention in the selection phase of the wooden boards for each individual order.

Our collaboration with a sawmill in Northern Italy allows us to have access to top quality hardwood and to maintain The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standards. This doesn’t only concern the aesthetic research, but most of all the evaluation of hardness, resistance and quality of the wood itself.

The choice of top quality materials is a key factor for guaranteeing a product that is safe and resistant over time, so it can last long and withstand the stresses of intense and prolonged daily use.

Best Speed Ball Platform: Entirely Handmade

We are proud to state that our speed bag platforms are entirely hand-made. This is because we believe in the beauty of craftsmanship and its ability to create something truly unique and exclusive.
Our Team of artisans works with precision and attention to details, ensuring that each individual speed bag drum is perfect and has its own story to tell.

We are convinced that our choice to only use manual production methods is what makes our products so special, along with the meticulous attention we put in respecting The Original Speedbag’s Quality Standards we set to realize the best boxing equipment.

best speed bag platform production
best speedball platform made in italy

Our Speed Bag means Made in Italy

Our speed ball platforms are a completely Italian product, expertly and precisely
crafted by skilled hands according to the traditions of Italian carpentry in our
workshop located in Pandino, in the province of Cremona in Northern Italy.

In our workshop, the air is filled with the tradition and magic of a passion that has
allowed us to work on our products in a familiar and traditional environment.
Meticulously made with the best materials that our land can offer, each piece
is a work of art in its distinctive beauty and uncompromising functionality that a professional striking bag must have.

We are proud to present to our customers a range of platforms that represent the
best of Italian craftsmanship, guaranteeing an unparalleled bagging experience.

The Specialists of Speed Bag Platforms

We at The Original Speed Bag are specialized in creating speed bag stations. We put constant technical and cultural research first concerning this great boxing equipment to guarantee you the maximum possible efficiency.

Indeed, we believe that training and constant updating are essential to offer our customers maximum performance. For this reason, we collaborate with industry experts to constantly improve the quality of our products and we are up-to-date in studying and researching new ways to use the speed bag efficiently and effectively.


Guarantee of Authenticity

When you receive one of our The Original SpeedBag Platforms, you immediately recognize its authenticity thanks to several factors.
Your platform is branded with The Original Speedbag logo, giving it that traditional touch, which is further enriched with a small engraving on the surface with the date of production written and, if you wish, even your name!

You also receive a handwritten and branded nominal Certificate of Authenticity of your speed ball platform. It states your speed bag drum number, as well as a special message from our Team welcoming you to The Original Speed Bag family.

It means belonging to a community of enthusiasts who share the same passion for
training and personal development.
We will be happy to have you with us and to embark on this journey together!

Customer Support

Our customer service is at your disposal to follow you in every phase of your purchase, starting from the designing of the speed bag of your dreams, up to the delivery of the product and after-sales.

We can provide you with updates on the production phase of your order, through the use of photos and videos, so that you can take a look behind the scenes of your speed bag platform.

Our customer service will be able to offer you assistance in English, Italian and even Spanish.
Furthermore, our after-sales service will always be ready to answer your questions and requests for information, offering you a fast and effcient solution.

If you have any doubts or curiosities, feel free to contact us, we will always be happy to help you as best we can.


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