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Our Team

Omi is the founder of The Original Speedbag and the creative heart of the company. His enthusiasm for martial arts and craftsmanship combined together led to giving life to this project.
As a carpenter he shares the passion for woodworking with his uncle Lorenzo, who has decades of experience in carpentry and an unrivaled ability to transform our projects into unique and beautiful pieces.

Our Customer Service Specialist and Social Media Manager Patrick is the main point of contact for our customers, answering their needs with professionalism and care while delivering our content on social pages.

Lastly, our Art and Graphic Director Jacopo brings ideas to life, creating stunning images and designs that enrich the aesthetic of every job we do, and he handcrafts custom jobs that require painting or engraving on the speed bag board.

We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated team serving our customers.

In order from the left: Jacopo, Omi, Lorenzo and Patrick
professional speed bag work in progress 1

About our Speed bag platforms

The Original Speedbag was born with the need to create Professional boxing equipment. But mostly, with the idea to give birth to the best Speed bag Platforms in the world.

Our Passion for the speed ball and boxing has led us to combine our technical knowledge with age-old Italian carpentry experience.

So we are extremely lucky to have our speed bag platforms built by Master Carpenter Lorenzo. In fact, he gives us his over 40 years of experience in carpentry, refining and creating quality wood furniture.

That’s right. Our platforms are built to be as precious as solid wood furniture. Likewise, we take into primary consideration the quality that a professional sport equipment must have.

How do we make the best Speed Ball Platforms?

Speed bag platforms are built through professional processes that require consistent experience in both choosing the right type of wood and carefully selecting the right solid wood boards. Also, our brackets are specially designed to stabilize the vibrations coming from the drum. By doing so, our stations can reach maximum strength.

We constantly dedicate much effort in the search for new quality materials, focused on making the best possible sport equipment for an affordable price. And this is true not only for gyms and physiotherapy centres but for everyone who wants to enjoy the best speed bag platforms on sale today

We make sure that our speed ball drums respect not only the highest criteria of production but also the beauty of the material, so as its imperfection and its flavour, prioritizing the natural wood typical tradition.

Check it out now!

professional speed bag work in progress

Our journey is your boxing success!

Follow us on the socials and see how we work to make the best speed bag platform ever. We make handmade and made in Italy professional speed ball platforms for everyone.
For further information feel free to contact us and ask whatever you’d like to know about our product, the building process, and wood selection.

The Original Speedbag

The Original Speedbag